Couturie Conversations

Ray Burmiston and Lara Journo, the founders fo Couturie

January 01, 2019

Photography:  Ray Burmiston     Words:  Lara Journo

Couturie jewellery is all about wearing something special to you…a talisman, a story teller, a symbol, a state of mind, a passion, a belief, a whisper, a yell. Each piece has a purpose and all those little purposes have become part of our journey. Couturie Conversations is a series of interviews centred around one person’s story and their choice of custom jewellery. Each of the conversational edits will be associated with a charity and each sale of that edit will trigger a donation. Over the coming months, our aim is to create and give back with no agenda, with no clear path and with no apology.  Let’s see where the journey takes us.
Twinnie in Conversation with Couturie
Twinnie's Conversation 
Daniel Donskoy in conversation with Couturie








Daniel's Conversation
Alice's Conversation